PS5 Pro: More Details Revealed As Sony Cracks Down On Leakers!

TECH NEWS – Sony has removed the video of the creator Moore’s Law is Dead, which leaked PS5 Pro specs, effectively confirming that its specs are accurate…



It’s clear that Sony is trying to hide it, but in this industry, it’s challenging for a console like the PS5 Pro to remain anonymous until the day of the official announcement. We recently reported that the PlayStation 5 Pro is an open secret, and developers are already preparing for the new hardware coming from PlayStation. However, a few hours ago, new details emerged about how these improvements would play out in the games.

Before we dive into the latest PS5 Pro information, we should report that Sony has removed the video that leaked the console’s specs.

This YouTube video was uploaded by the content creator of Moore’s Law is Dead last month. Sources like IGN, The Verge, and Insider Gaming have since confirmed the YouTuber’s situation. The latest we know is that the video has been removed due to a “copyright claim by Sony Interactive Entertainment,” as Tom Warren himself wrote on his X/Twitter account.

Beyond copyright, the specific reason for removing the Moore’s Law is Dead video is unknown. But all signs point to Sony wanting to protect any further leaks at all costs, as VGC claims. The content creator himself has not yet commented.


New PS5 Pro details


As Sony tries to stop the PS5 Pro from leaking, Tom Warren published a new report a few hours ago. This includes more details about the console. A few weeks ago, we already reported on the term “Enhanced for PS5 Pro,” which you will hear a lot about since this label will be given to games that will theoretically be updated with 4K, 60 FPS, or ray tracing effects.

Well, new information from a journalist at The Verge points in that direction about how new and existing games can be updated to take advantage of the PS5 Pro’s performance.

As the main news, he adds that Sony engineers are working on an “ultra-boost way” for slightly older titles. This would improve these games on the PlayStation 5 Pro. Various sources tell The Verge that Sony wants developers to create a PlayStation 5 Pro exclusive mode. The latter would combine the aforementioned PSSR for upscaling to 4K, 60 FPS, and ray tracing. However, the aforementioned label would also apply to games that cannot reach 60 FPS.

The key seems to be that many games need to receive a patch from the developer to access the ultra-boost enhancements, or the above will not appear.

It is essential that companies use the SDK (Software Development Kit). This will allow them to get the most out of the PlayStation 5 Pro and access the 1.2GB of extra memory it offers over the base console.

Source: VGC, The Verge, X

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