Are Rise Of The Ronin Sales Bad?! The Creators’ Report Is Depressing

Koei Tecmo, the owners of Team Ninja, wanted to sell 5 million copies, but the company’s report to investors revised its sales forecasts for Rise of the Ronin down…



One of Sony’s big releases this year was Rise of the Ronin, a title distributed by PlayStation and developed by Team Ninja, which takes us back to 19th-century feudal Japan. The game was released on March 22nd, and almost a month after its release, it’s time to talk about how sales of Koei Tecmo’s open-world RPG have fared. Koei Tecmo has released its report to investors and is giving us a little taste of it.

As reported by Video Games, Koei Tecmo has sent out a document to investors in which it lowers its financial projections for its latest game releases.

Although Rise of the Ronin isn’t explicitly mentioned, we do know that the PS5-exclusive game was expected to be twice as much as Wo Long. That is, they planned to sell about 5 million copies worldwide. The owners of Team Ninja point out that the revenue revision is due to recent game releases.

According to the report, recent game releases have fallen short of initial launch expectations. Rise of the Ronin is not among them. At least in Japan, the game has been known to surpass Dragon’s Dogma 2 regarding physical purchases. But it doesn’t seem to have happened that way in the West. Many players would have preferred Capcom’s fantasy RPG.


How much did Rise of the Ronin sell?


No specific sales are known. However, data analysis company Ampere Analysys mentioned on its official website that slightly less than 1 million players have played the title. The specific sales will have to be confirmed by the company. However, Koei Tecmo has several games that can explain this situation.

Examples include Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or Wild Hearts, a Monster Hunter-like entry released by EA that didn’t do very well because it wouldn’t have received additional support.

Net sales are reported to be down 11.6% while operating income is down 28% heading into the next fiscal year. This will end at the end of March 2025. What may help Koei Tecmo alleviate the situation is that non-operating income rose 8.6%.

Source: Video Games, Ampere Analysis

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