Will the iPhone 17 Plus’ Display Size be Smaller?

TECH NEWS – Apple is reportedly looking to make a bigger difference between the second and fourth models, although there are significant internal differences between the Plus and Pro Max.


This year’s iPhone 16 changes the way it looks in several ways, and also changes the way users use the device. The company also plans to introduce generative artificial intelligence with iOS 18, which will also reach users during 2024. The two cheaper models, the base iPhone 16 and Plus, will have the same display size as the current iPhone 15 family, but the Pro and Pro Max devices will have a larger display. According to a prominent analyst, the iPhone 17 Plus screen size will not be as large, as it will be positioned between the Pro and Pro Max.

So the iPhone 17 Plus may get a smaller display than the iPhone 15 and 16 Plus (it’s currently 6.7″, the same size as the Pro Max), which is odd because the Cupertino-based company released a larger sized phone because Apple failed with the iPhone mini products. Display specialist Ross Young says that the iPhone 17 Plus will be smaller than the iPhone 16 Plus. Young has provided accurate information about Apple’s products in the past.



So the iPhone 17 Plus display could be between 6.3″ and 6.9″. With the larger screen size, Apple wants to push users to the Pro Max, the top-of-the-line model. According to the company’s survey, the iPhone 16 Plus will not have a big impact on interest in the device because users prefer the traditional 6.1″ display. Thus, the iPhone 17 Plus could be 6.5″ in size, putting it between the Pro and Pro Max.

All this is of course unofficial, but it seems that even with the screen size alone, we should invest in the more expensive handset.

Source: WCCFTech

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