Is Take-Two Preparing a Mafia Announcement?

2K, a subsidiary of Take-Two, is rumored to be preparing an announcement regarding Mafia IP, but it is not yet known if it will be a Mafia Trilogy related update or if they will finally announce that Mafia 4 is in the works…


Twitter user Kurakasis was talking about Mafia the other day. He recently gave us the titles of several games before they were officially announced (Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, Marvel Rivals, Metro Awakening, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle), and weeks earlier he said that Take-Two studio Ghost Story Games was preparing to unveil Judas, and then a new trailer for the game from Bioshock creator Ken Levine appeared.

“I can tell you that a few days ago, Take-Two began preparations for an announcement regarding the Mafia series. It’s hard for me to determine the timeframe, but with Judas, I saw them preparing for the new trailer about 3-4 weeks before it dropped, so… soon. FYI, I specifically wrote “an announcement regarding the Mafia series” because I DON’T KNOW if it’s an announcement for Mafia 4, the next-gen update for the Mafia trilogy, or something else. When I find out more, I’ll let you know,” Kurakasis wrote.

Take-Two recently announced that it is laying off five percent of its workforce, which means the cancellation of several unannounced and, to us, anonymous game projects. Hangar 13, a 2K studio, announced a year and a half ago (August 2022) that a new Mafia game was in development, but it has yet to be revealed. At the time, the studio’s general manager Roman Hladik said that the game was years away and that they couldn’t share much more about it, but they were excited to continue working on the franchise to dazzle players with new stories. 2022 also heard before Hladik’s announcement that a prequel story to the franchise was in the works. Mafia 3 was released in 2016 and failed to live up to the first two installments.

Let’s see what Take-Two is up to.

Source: VGC

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