Ready or Not Developers Hacked, but no User Data Stolen!

Void Interactive was either lucky or not telling the truth (who knows, it could be both), but as far as we know, no confidential user information fell into unauthorized hands.


The studio behind Ready or Not has confirmed that some of the game’s source code was stolen, but no player or studio member data was taken during the massive hack in March. This was first reported by Insider Gaming. The attack was carried out by a ransomware team and over 4TB of data was stolen. This massive amount (in context, about five times the amount of data the PlayStation 5’s NVMe SSD can hold) included console builds of the game and some images showing it running on a PlayStation 4 development kit.

The studio, which has been tight-lipped about the attack for nearly a month, told Kotaku that it was due to vulnerabilities in the cloud services provided by TeamCity. Their developer assets and their own code remained safe and untouched, no data or information related to users or employees was stolen in the incident, but still, one has to wonder how 4 terabytes of data could have been stolen?

The attack was limited to the TeamCity services interface, the studio claims. As a result, images of top-level projects and company-related information were stolen, but no sensitive data was included. Ready or Not was released in December after a rough patch, as Void Interactive broke with original publisher Team17 and the game was briefly removed from Steam. There was a minor scandal surrounding the studio over the school and nightclub shooter maps. These were added to the game by the studio on the sixth anniversary of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub mass shooting (happened in Florida; 49 dead, 53 injured).

4TB of data is hard to compile in a development environment.

Source:  PCGamer, Insider Gaming, Kotaku

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