Nvidia Focuses on Artificial Intelligence with both Hardware and Software

TECH NEWS – The company has acknowledged that there is strong competition in the artificial intelligence market and believes that AI is the biggest computing problem in history that everyone wants to solve.


Nvidia has essentially created a monopoly by being the first company to focus on AI, but it knows full well that maintaining that advantage will no longer be so easy. Bryan Catanzaro, Nvidia’s vice president of applied deep learning research, spoke about this. The company sees competition intensifying, so maintaining market share will not be easy. In addition to the competitive landscape, Catanzaro also acknowledged that accelerated computing is not just about hardware, and was surprised that after all these years, Nvidia is still seen as a hardware-only company.



Nvidia isn’t panicking, but this is the first time we’ve officially heard from them that their competitors’ efforts are not in vain. Outside of AI, we’ve already heard from them how strong AMD’s Radeon GPU segment is, and how “the reds” remain Nvidia’s top rivals (meaning Intel is not yet considered a sophisticated rival; they still have room to improve).

So Nvidia needs to be more careful about other factors as well. Either they should have sufficient supply or they should have a competitive price/performance ratio, i.e. they should offer their products cheaper, because there are no complaints about the performance (e.g. with the software optimization of TensorRT), but more about the price. And behind a Hopper or Blackwell GPU, a robust software suite is needed to harness the power of the hardware.

CUDA will help them do that (even if some people criticize it), and perhaps that is why Nvidia’s market position looks consolidated. But AMD’s Instinct MI300X and Intel’s Gaudi-3 AI accelerators may be catching the public’s eye (and the former is cheaper), so the position of the infant AI market may change in the future.

Source: WCCFTech

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