Silent Hill 2 Remake: Did They Change the Main Character’s Look?

Konami and the Bloober team have a rather strange approach, as a remake of the second Silent Hill can’t be that far away, and yet in the polishing and bug fixing phase of development they decided to give James Sunderland a facelift…?

It’s been twelve years since we last played a NEW Silent Hill game that wasn’t some random pachinko machine (Konami pushed that in the mid-2010s…). In 2012, Silent Hill: Downpour, developed by Vatra Games. Four months after its release, owner Kuju Entertainment terminated the contract with the Czech studio, which led to bankruptcy in September. This alone was a bad omen for Konami’s franchise.

This is also the reason why the Silent Hill 2 Remake, which was announced after a long rumor that Konami would not make the game in-house, but outsourced the development to Bloober Team (the Poles criticize the Japanese marketing, as they have no say in it), is getting a lot of attention. The developers seem to have reworked the face of the main character, James Sunderland, if the database update on SteamDB is to be believed. In fact, the resolution of the icon is not high, but you can see that the face of our protagonist has been modified compared to the trailer.

On Reddit, the public was positive about the facelift, as James’ new look is much more similar to what we saw in the original Silent Hill 2 over 22 years ago on PlayStation 2. The release of the remake isn’t too far away, as the US rating board ESRB has also rated Silent Hill 2 Remake, so it could be just a few months away from release. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 received an ESRB rating in June and was released on the PlayStation 5 in October…

Comparison between the new SH2R game’s icon and the shot from the first trailer.
byu/Comrade141 insilenthill

Rumor has it that Sony is preparing a PlayStation Showcase broadcast for May. Here the company will announce when Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released for PlayStation 5. The release date of the PC port will depend on whether Sony has paid for exclusivity.


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