PlayStation 5 Pro: CPU-Bound Games Won’t Run Better? [VIDEO]

The PlayStation 5’s half-generation update, which Sony hasn’t officially said anything about yet, may not be able to deliver significantly better performance for every single game.


The PlayStation 5 Pro’s CPU may not be able to perform better in games tied to the processor, and it may not even be able to run in 40 FPS mode if the base console can’t. Digital Foundry’s editors talk about this in the video embedded below. The processor, which is 10% more powerful than the base PlayStation 5’s, can’t perform at a level that allows CPU-bound games to run much faster.

Developers may even struggle to implement a 40 FPS mode because they need more power from the processor to achieve the 33% increase in performance (40 FPS instead of 30), so if a game runs at 30 frames per second on the standard PlayStation 5, it will likely be the same on the PlayStation 5 Pro. However, if there is already a 40 FPS mode, the better processor should also improve stability on the PlayStation 5 Pro. According to Digital Foundry, 40 FPS graphics modes will not become more common because not as many people play them.

The PlayStation 5 Pro has not been unveiled yet, but if the technology section of such a credible and reputable site (Eurogamer) is talking about the console, Sony cannot take it down for copyright reasons. That’s what Moore’s Law Is Dead experienced with his video, and he was the first to give a detailed account of what to expect from the console. The success of the console will mainly depend on the price, but until then it would be worth making the PlayStation 5 CHEAPER, because so far Sony has not lowered the price, but raised it.

The stuff you hear in the video is unofficial, but Sony’s hardware is now an open secret, because now everyone knows about it, but no one has seen it.

Source: WCCFTech


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