Todd Howard: “Starfield’s “Really Good Updates” Will Come Soon!”

The iconic developer from Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) is slowly stretching into Peter Molyneux-like promises about his latest game, but maybe he’s not overstating what he’s saying about Starfield, but we’ll have to be patient.


Todd Howard was interviewed by IGN about the Fallout TV show, which will be featured in the news later today. Since Howard is more of a game developer, Starfield came up in the conversation, and he promised “really good updates” for the sci-fi RPG, presumably not including a PlayStation 5 port (which was in the works, but Microsoft halted development after acquiring BGS parent company ZeniMax Media).

“I’m going to avoid putting dates on anything. I learned that the hard way. So obviously our focus right now in terms of new development is Elder Scrolls VI, but that doesn’t mean we’re not making plans for other things. We’re still doing a lot of work on Fallout 76, obviously, and we see the community, we see so many people going into this game and kind of rediscovering it and just being so happy with where this game is at. It really is, and I mean it has one of the best communities in all of gaming. Surprisingly, it’s a very, very nice apocalypse and we’re also doing a lot of work on Starfield. So we have some really good updates that will be announced soon for that game. So there is a lot going on,” Howard said.

In late January, the update improved widescreen support (32:9, 21:9, and 16:10); added support for stars with solar disk geometry; shadows on planet rings can now be seen from the planet surface; improved eyes and skin on crowd characters, reflection on water, contact shadows on character skin (Xbox and PC Medium/High/Ultra), on character cloth (PC High/Ultra), and in first-person view (PC Ultra); and improved lighting in the character creation menu. also brought support for the AMD FSR 3 and Intel XeSS upscalers.

Compared to these, we really need something more serious.

Source: WCCFTech, IGN

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