Is a Sonic Frontiers Sequel in Development?

A leak from one insider has been confirmed by another, who has proven to be very reliable lately when it comes to games from SEGA and its subsidiary Atlus, so it’s likely that the Japanese company is indeed doing something like this with the blue hedgehog.


First DanielRPK wrote on Patreon (behind a paywall…?) that Sonic Frontiers 2 is in development. This in itself is not really news, as what he said is not entirely credible. However, Midori, who can be trusted when it comes to SEGA and Atlus games (and we even suspect that she might be an employee of SEGA, hired by the Japanese company after initially being a leaker), is a much more credible source, and we have heard from her in a more optimistic tone about the yet-to-be-announced game.

Midori first said in response to DanielRPK’s statement that this was accurate information, and later claimed in another tweet that the gameplay of the yet-to-be-announced Sonic game is the same as what we saw in Sonic Frontiers. The name could change though, as Sonic Frontiers was internally called Rangers before it was announced, so who knows what SEGA will call this game. It probably won’t be called Sonic Frontiers 2, as it’s pretty rare these days for two games to have the same name with only a numerical difference.

Sonic Frontiers was released in November 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, almost a year after it was announced (December 2021). It’s an open-world game, and Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka has used it as a starting point for future projects. Sonic Adventure for the SEGA Dreamcast in 1998 was in a similar situation. The game was so successful that it sold over 3.5 million copies in six months, so it’s no wonder SEGA was quick to order a sequel.

A sequel to Sonic Frontiers has not yet been officially announced.

Source: Reddit

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