Dragon’s Dogma 2: Capcom has its Priorities out of Place!

The game still doesn’t run very well, but the Japanese publisher doesn’t seem to care about that, because they are concentrating on updating the content of Dragon’s Dogma 2, even though players say that the game doesn’t run very well, despite the patches…


Capcom has announced on Twitter that a new update will be released later this month with more patches and tweaks. They will reduce the infection frequency of Dragonsplague and adjust the signs of pawns infected with Dragonsplague to be more noticeable. For example, glowing eyes will be more noticeable when infected. Added the ability to zoom in on the faces of Arisen and Pawns in the status screen, shops, etc.

Fixed some issues and made some adjustments related to the mini-map. Treasure chests that have already been acquired won’t be displayed on the mini-map.

There are also adjustments to peasant behavior and dialog. These fix issues where players would occasionally fail to high-five pawns, or where pawns wouldn’t start leading after offering to lead. They are making it less likely for pawns to fall off cliffs, reducing the frequency of some pawn dialog lines, and improving pawn lines to better fit circumstances. They are also fixing some issues where pawns stop talking outside of combat, or where the main pawn speaks the support pawn’s dialogue. They are also making Pawns more likely to help the Arisen when the Arisen commands them to help while being held by enemies. Reduce the frequency with which pawns offer to be hired by the player while in the field. Fixed issues where escort quests were sometimes considered failed when accessing character edit or in certain situations, or where the player could be imprisoned when fighting monsters in town. It also fixes some crashes and freezes under certain circumstances, as well as various bug fixes.



We’ll highlight two of the answers that were the first to appear on Twitter. The first says that he wants a performance-oriented graphics mode on consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox series). And the second said “What? Fix the performance first! Some say it’s unbelievable that performance is still not addressed, others ask: should you wait for PlayStation 6 to play at 60 FPS…?



All we can say to Capcom is that this is a bit of a stupid approach.

Source: WCCFTech

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