What is Climax Studios Bringing to PlayStation 5?

A programmer’s resume says something is in the works for Sony, but what could Climax Studios have in store and how surprising could the result be for us?


Tim Leonard’s resume has surfaced on Reddit. Leonard wrote on LinkedIn that they will be bringing a very well known IP to the PlayStation 5. It’s worth checking out what Climax has been up to lately, as this one sentence can’t narrow down what Leonard might have been referring to.

The latest game that Climax has been working on is a title that many of us might be familiar with, as it’s called Returnal. Housemarque (which has since been acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment) had Climax help with the development of this game. And before that? Well, Housemarque was also a partner of Climax before that, as Returnal was not the first title they worked on together. Could it be that an older Housemarque game will be ported to Sony’s current console?

For Resogun, Climax created the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita port. They also created the PlayStation Vita port of Dead Nation and brought it to PlayStation 4 with the title Dead Nation: Apocalypse. So they did three ports, one of which they were directly involved in. So it’s not out of the question that one of Housemarque’s older titles will come to PlayStation 5. It could be Matterfall (PlayStation 4 release: August 2017) or Alienation (also a PlayStation 4 exclusive; released in April 2016, it’s a shooter action-RPG). Or, if we’re still looking for a shooter title, Nex Machina comes to mind (released for PlayStation 4 and PC in June 2017). We can only speculate here.

We don’t expect an official announcement anytime soon, but we do know that Leonard and Climax are working on something. The studio could even bring an IP to PlayStation 5 that is NOT related to Housemarque. Then it’s impossible to guess.

Source: Reddit, LinkedIn

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