F1 24: New Gameplay Trailer Arrives With All The Major Improvements! [VIDEO]

The new F1 24 announced major gameplay additions that the Formula 1 series has long been due for.



The Formula 1 season in the real world started two months ago. All of this can only mean that we are getting closer and closer to the release of the only official video game for the world’s number one motor racing class! F1 24 hits stores in less than five weeks, and it has now announced what the big innovations will be.

A revolution is not expected, but there will be a significant jump in the gameplay, which will make up for the most obvious shortcomings of the previous edition.


This is how F1 24 will change compared to its predecessor


During a “deep dive” into the gameplay, the developers of F1 24 highlighted the introduction of four important innovations. All of these focus on the more simulation-focused aspects of the game. In the new edition, we can expect greater realism regarding tyres, aerodynamics, power and driving feel. The main goal is still to offer the most realistic sensations possible, without forgetting the arcade approach of the video game.

  • Handling Improvements: EA Sports Dynamic Handling is a group of improvements made by the developers to achieve more realistic and predictable driving performance. This makes the settings more important and customizable.
  • Tyre Improvements: The tyre wear system has been reworked, making tyre management much more relevant. For example, tyres now wear more when you are in “dirty air”. Under changing circumstances, realism increased. The transition of the track condition is smoother, so the wheel change is a more sensitive moment, and we also have to pay attention to the rain tyres, for example when stepping on water when it starts to form in the dry lane.
  • Aerodynamic Improvements: “Dirty air” is now much more realistic, making it much easier to lose the car when chasing an opponent. DRS has been improved so that its advantages vary more from track to track, and the vehicles have been refined to make their performance more precise.
  • Engine improvements: The changes are focused on the ERS, so there are more options for performance management both organically (based on our driving style) and systemically (by changing the engine map). This significantly expands the tactical possibilities.

While these critical changes affect gameplay, changes to game modes have yet to be revealed.

The career mode adjustments will be particularly noteworthy in this case. An almost complete revision of the latter was announced for the new part. F1 24 officials have announced that we won’t have to wait long for the changes. They will be unveiled on Thursday, April 25.

Source: YouTube

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