Could The Classic Action Movie With Nicolas Cage And John Travolta Get A Sequel?!

MOVIE NEWS – One of the most exciting action films of the 90s boosted the careers of both Nicolas Cage and John Travolta…



The success of Top Gun: Maverick seems to have revived Hollywood’s desire to try its luck with previously well-established big action films. One of these is Face/Off, which is still popular all around the world. According to an industry insider, it will be continued with the return of the lead pair, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.


John Travolta is Cage, and Nicolas Cage is Travolta


Info courtesy of Daniel Richtman (via World of Reel). For now, there are no more details about the film, except that the schedules of the two stars can be adjusted to shoot the sequel to the legendary action movie that was released almost three decades ago in 1997. For those who don’t know, in the film, FBI agent Sean Archer (Travolta) undergoes a dangerous operation, during which his face is replaced with the face of the comatose terrorist Castor Troy (Cage).

However, when Castor wakes up and assumes Sean’s identity, Sean’s worst nightmare begins, as he has to fight not only for his own life but also that of his wife and daughter…

The result? A cult movie for fans of action movies and Nicolas Cage! It is still present in the memories of many viewers, so much so that a sequel has already been announced once in 2021. Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, is behind the camera, and Simon Barrett is writing the screenplay. However, the director warned that he would only take on the project if he could count on the return of the original actors. It looks like it will.

Namely, even though the writing of the film’s script was paused due to the screenwriters’ strike. However, the issues also seem to have been resolved. So Cage and Travolta can soon return to their best work.

Honestly, it is still questionable whether, in 2024, they will be able to return the great mix of action, intrigue and humour that so many gems of Hollywood in the 80s and 90s offered to the audience.

Face/Off was directed by the legendary John Woo. It is currently not available on streaming services, but is available on movie rental and sales platforms such as Rakuten, Amazon, and Apple. If you have it, don’t hesitate to check it out! You could spend a pleasant two hours with him.

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