Manor Lords: Hasn’t Even Been Released Yet, They Already Want To Limit One Feature?! [VIDEO]

Manor Lords, one of today’s most anticipated PC strategy games, does not yet have a wall-building tool – and what it has instead, you can “break” the game by abusing it, according to the creator…



This day has come: one of the most anticipated PC strategy games of 2024 will be released today! Manor Lords is expected to be massive and capable of satisfying everyone’s needs. This is proven by the three million players who laid eyes on it on Steam. However, since developer Slavic Magic knows that it faces a huge market thanks to Game Pass, it wanted to warn and encourage us not to “play the game wrong”.

Manor Lords is a game that gave a lot of talk, not so much because of the interest it caused, but because of the terribly overhyped expectations…

So much so that its sole developer, who spent nearly five years polishing the Early Access launch today, April 26, was forced to come forward last week and make a statement about what to expect from the game. For example, that it is not a competitor to Total War. Also, that he is not advocating the control of a vast empire.

After playing it for over 15 hours, I have to say that it’s really detailed, but offers a slightly more limited experience than you might imagine. (We’ll post our review next week.)



Manor Lords



The “cities” of the Manor Lords and the wall-building


It’s a really painful shortcoming that we don’t have the option to put up walls. It is clear that Manor Lords advocates a more casual, medieval atmosphere, with villages instead of castles. At the same time, in the game, we are able to create large settlements, the size of which was mainly surrounded by walls in the chosen period.

However, after we saw a content creator on YouTube break the boundaries of the game by building a wall around his town, the father of Manor Lords cautioned as he blocked the possibility.

“I just saw one press review try to cheese their way and build town walls with the castle planner tool,” he mentioned on Twitter. “Please restrain yourself from doing so. I’ll add a *proper* town wall tool in one of the updates, and the castle planner is meant for manors/castles. Should’ve locked it for now.” But how did he manage to build a wall around the city if you can’t? The truth is, like many other things, this content creator used an exploit.

In the game, only one walled building can be created: the landlord’s mansion. This, a small wooden palanquin fort, adds some visual emphasis to this location. But it is not for the protection of the “city”. However, the trick shown in the video below “breaks” the game – and the building boundaries – to surround the entire city. The problem with this, as the creator mentions, is that “the castle designer is meant for the castle”, so applying it around town won’t work for transport systems, attacks, or the movement of the AI itself.

So Slavic Magic was forced to block this feature. Hopefully, a fix will come soon. Also, we will have the opportunity to build actual city walls to protect our settlements…

Source: X, YouTube

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