Are These The Craziest Vaults In The Fallout Universe?! They Have Fierce Competition…

The Fallout universe is full of controversial or downright horrible Vaults, but 68 and 69 are particularly rough…



Creativity and a lack of ethical constraints seem to characterize Vault-Tec’s technicians when it comes to designing experiments in the legendary Vaults of the Fallout universe. Among the many strange experiments, one caught the colleagues’ attention at Mein-MMO: Vault 69. Sure enough, it’s exactly what you think and as bad as you can imagine.

According to the information gathered, Vault 68 and 69 are unique creations within the Fallout universe, an underground shelter designed as part of Vault-Tec’s social preservation program designed for an exceptionally provocative experiment.

According to the details uncovered, Vault 69 was home to a population of 1,000, but with a highly unbalanced gender distribution: one male and 999 females.


Vault 69 was inhabited by 999 women and one man. Vault 68 was just the opposite


This unusual approach refers to the famous number “69”, which evokes sexual connotations. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by Vault 69’s designers. The purpose of the social experiment was obviously to explore gender dynamics and human relations in a highly unequal environment.



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However, the specific details of the conduct of the experiment and the actual consequences remain shrouded in mystery.

Bunker 69 failed because of an extremely unbalanced social structure. This probably led to social tensions and gender conflicts among the residents. Fallout fans can find references to Vault 69 in several Fallout games, as well as the recent Fallout series on Prime Video. True, most of the information about the compound comes from the comic “One Man, and a Crate of Puppets”.


The festival of strange experiments and the Fallout universe


But Vault 69 isn’t the only strange experimental shelter the Fallout universe boasts. Vault-Tec, the company responsible for building shelters, has developed a series of spaces with similarly dark and often grotesque purposes. For example, we also know of the existence of Vault 68, which has the reverse gender configuration of Vault 69: 999 men and a single woman.

This experiment raises similar questions about the social and psychological dynamics of its inhabitants in extreme situations.

In addition to Vault 69 and 68, there are other vaults in which similarly bizarre experiments are conducted. In some places, such as 11, sacrificial rituals were performed annually for the population’s safety. This led to a spiral of chaos and violence among the residents. Other vaults, such as 92, were used for genetic experiments and the creation of superior soldiers.

Despite the humorous tone of the franchise, Fallout’s Vaults serve as a grim reminder of humanity’s cruelty and manipulative capacity in times of crisis.

Although these experiments may seem fictional, they shed light on the dark aspects of the human psyche and raise important questions about the ethics of science and research.

For those who want to learn more about the world of Fallout and Vaults, we heartily recommend the games and the highly successful Prime Video series, which we wrote about in more detail here.

Source: Mein-MMO

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