BREAKING: Hades 2 Has Arrived Unexpectedly, With A Twist!

Despite being in early access, Hades 2 already includes more than the full version of the original Hades…



We knew it wouldn’t wait long, but it’s surprising that it showed up so soon. Hades 2 is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store in Early Access! The sequel to the game that almost won the 2020 GOTY has received much attention for a long time. Supergiant Games has previously assured us that it won’t take long for the game to be released after technical testing is completed. They kept their word, reducing the wait to just one week. Millions of players can be grateful, who, after Manor Lords, could get their hands on another long-awaited title.


Here are the Hades 2 Early Access details


Supergiant Games earned the trust of gamers with an Early Access release. But to be safe, they wanted to clarify that the early access version of the game contains “more environments, enemies and English-language voices” than the full version of the first part. The developer also claimed that “continuous feedback is very helpful for all elements of the game”. Aside from other recent examples like No Rest for the Wicked or Baldur’s Gate 3, the developer’s own history points in that direction.

As for handling the game and early access, Hades 2’s creators intend to release updates “every few months” that will include new features and content, including Steam achievements or “the true end of the story.”

In this sense, the final release will not take place until “at least the end of 2024”. In fact, it can take longer if necessary. It’s worth noting that the first game spent nearly two years in an “early” state before its final release in September 2020.

As an action-oriented roguelike, Hades 2 is already available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for €28.99. The developers do not rule out that the retail price will increase in the future, depending on how much content is added to the game and how long Early Access lasts. The game is expected to be available on other platforms before the final release.

Source: Polygon

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