Bill Gates Makes Surprising Prediction About The Future Of Computers And AI…

TECH NEWS – According to the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, artificial intelligence will be able to teach people to read and write.



Even though Bill Gates is no longer at the helm of Microsoft, he remains one of the most influential figures in the technology sector. A few days ago, they recalled how he explained how the Internet works in 1995. This revolution is similar to the famous “5-hour rule” that both he and Musk defend. This time, however, Gates’ speech focused on a branch of technology that he is passionate about: artificial intelligence.

As reported by the French portal JeuxVideo, Bill Gates held the conference in San Diego, California. In it, the Microsoft creator extolled the benefits of artificial intelligence and focused on tools like ChatGPT and Gemini. These are two projects from OpenAI and Google that have garnered much praise in recent months. In line with the latter, Gates made it clear: artificial intelligence will become equal to human masters in the next year and a half.


According to Bill Gates, math is prioritized over writing and reading


As reported in the news, Gates points out that robots can compete with human intelligence on certain types of exams. As such, he believes AI can be just as effective as teachers in teaching reading and writing. It also highlights the advantage of AI over traditional PCs.

That said, while AI can provide personalized assistance, computers still struggle with narrative structure and prose quality.

Gates believes that in the next 18 months, AI-based tools will be able to help in areas such as teaching. As for his personal take, he believes that artificial intelligence will be used to teach math sooner than to teach reading and writing. However, he is confident that these types of devices will find their way into classrooms. At the same time, other innovative technologies are gaining more and more weight in education systems.

Source: JeuxVideo

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