Has the Location of Resident Evil 9 been Leaked?

The next episode of the Resident Evil franchise may not take place in the same locations we’ve come to expect from Capcom, as rumors have it that the new location and environment will be different from the previous ones.


We’ve already reported on what AestheticGamer/Dusk Golem wrote on Twitter about Resident Evil 9, but since then he’s answered a question you’re right to ask: where will this episode take place? The leaker wrote that there’s an island in the Southeast Asian Sea, and it’s a fictional rural town where Resident Evil 9 will take place. This town is mainly inspired by Singapore, so it’s not so sure that we’ll get a remote small town setting in the next main RE episode.

Since Capcom started using the RE engine, Resident Evil has taken players to a variety of locations. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard took place in the US state of Louisiana, around the Baker mansion and the underground factory near Dulvey, while Resident Evil: Village took place in a village and the surrounding four Lords’ bases in an unnamed Eastern European country (Romania, Moldova…). The Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes were set in Raccoon City (but it was blown up, so that’s out of the question), and Resident Evil 4 Remake was set around a Spanish village, a castle, and an island. Compared to that, Southeast Asia would be a big change, and maybe the visuals won’t be a complaint if the Japanese are already developing the game with the next generation RE engine, RE neXt (REX).

With leaks about Resident Evil being surprisingly accurate, Dusk Golem claims it has likely been in development for almost seven years, with the game possibly coming out in early 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox series and PC at the very least. If it does launch early this year, then the announcement of Resident Evil 9 could be sometime in the summer, during one of the post-E3 coverage events.

Microsoft or Sony? We’ll find out soon enough.

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