Helldivers 2’s Community Manager Almost Fired in Scandal

Arrowhead’s game went to hell and back over the weekend, all because of a pre-launch PC requirement.


We’ve covered the Helldivers 2 disaster in detail from start to finish: first, Sony hinted that PC users would need a PlayStation Network account (which the company had been hinting at for months), then they announced when the extra account would go into effect and the mandatory link to Steam, then came the negative reviews on Steam (plus they suspended sales in many countries and territories because you can’t sign up for PSN everywhere), then came Sony’s retreat.

Spitz, the community manager for Helldivers 2, also played a role in the negative reviews. He had not posted on Discord since Saturday (a day after the scandal broke), but returned to the server yesterday morning. Many users suspected that he had been fired for encouraging the public to write negative reviews on Valve’s platform. He was almost fired, but not quite. Spitz said that it was an unpopular decision for the publisher to ask users to give Helldivers 2 negative reviews on Steam en masse. In other words: Sony took Spitz’s action pretty badly, but Arrowhead had his back.

Spitz felt that a large number of negative Steam reviews would have a greater impact on Sony, and Arrowhead was not happy about the situation. It was painful to see the game’s ratings deteriorate, but he wrote that the studio was on the side of the players in the fight (which is true in the sense that Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt requested that a PSN account not be mandatory at launch). Considering that Spitz actually came from the ranks of the public to the position of Community Manager, it’s understandable that he’s a bit more free-thinking.

And the happy ending is also noticeable there, as the game is now getting a POSITIVE review bomb on Steam.

Source: PCGamer


IT’S BOUNCING BACK! Helldivers deploying operation cleanup!
byu/FlowersPaintings inHelldivers


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