The ROG Ally X Has Been Unveiled: How Much More the New ASUS Handheld is Better?!

TECH NEWS – ROG Ally X features the same AMD Z1 Extreme chip with a “well over” 30-40% improvement in battery life.



ASUS ROG Ally has proven to be an attractive device for many. Of course, it largely depends on who is looking for what in a device of this type. However, ASUS’s machine is one of the best alternatives to Steam Deck on the market if you want to play Windows games. The machine has been running successfully for months. It also had several disadvantages that the community did not like. The improved ASUS ROG Ally X would now remedy these.

One such drawback was that the MicroSD could overheat in some exceptional cases if the device was used for long periods of time in triple-A games, and the other was the battery.

However, this has now been remedied. Because ASUS has announced the ROG Ally X, which is an improved version of the device we know. (However, it’s important to emphasize that this is not the “ASUS ROG Ally 2”!) It offers better features, as first reported by The Verge.


ASUS introduces the ROG Ally X, an improved version of the original


The ROG Ally X device gets the same AMD chip as the base device. It will remain Windows-based and keep the same 7-inch VRR display with the same Hz frequency (48-120). It’s time to learn about this portable PC’s developments designed for playing video games! One of them is aimed at battery life. The latter will be much more than 30-40%.



ROG Ally X



“We are not thinking about a 30-40 per cent increase in capacity. It’s much more than that,” said Shawn Yen, ASUS Senior Vice President.

The battery department is something that “will not disappoint even in the worst case”. But ASUS has looked at every aspect, saying: “We’ve thought about battery and storage, graphics and memory, ports… our goal is to put as many [advancements] into a device like this as possible.” Although today we don’t have full specs yet, it’s already known that the Ally X will have more than 16 GB of RAM, which will free up the GPU to focus more on the game and not use as much system resources, even 24 GB maybe, although we still have to wait until June 2 for confirmation.


Not ROG Ally 2, but it’s still a big step up


It also aims to have an M.2 2280 SSD slot (the current 2230 is the smallest), giving gamers more choices when purchasing M.2 SSDs. Another essential aspect that will improve is that Ally X will be more repairable. Joysticks could also be more interchangeable. Specific specifications regarding weight are not known. However, it is sure that it will be a little heavier due to the size and capacity of the larger battery. Minor changes to the D-Pad, joysticks, and triggers are also expected.

Let’s not forget that a few days ago, ASUS ROG Ally announced that we would get more FPS in games thanks to one of the latest updates, which included AFMF.

ROG Ally X retains the same SD card reader. However, they are working on a reorganized motherboard layout. This way, your overheating problems will almost certainly be solved. All this will be reflected in the price, which will, of course, be higher. The good news is that more aggressive discounts are expected than the two current ASUS ROG Ally models. The official unveiling, covering all details, will take place on June 2, and we will keep you informed.

From the ASUS ROG Ally 2, you can tell that the company wants to build a capable machine that can be considered a true successor. That is, it increases battery life and game performance and offers new technologies compared to the current ones. Valve thinks the same way: Steam Deck 2 is expected to be released sometime in 2026.

Source: The Verge

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