Is Nintendo Switch 2 Not Using the Codename that Surfaced?

What was Revolution for the Nintendo Wii and NX for the Nintendo Switch may not be the case for the name that has emerged for the yet-to-be-announced Switch successor platform.


The Nintendo Revolution name also differed from other examples in that the Japanese company openly used the name for the platform it designed as the successor to the GameCube, and only later renamed it the Wii. The NX codename wasn’t mentioned publicly much in the months leading up to the Switch’s launch. However, a codename has surfaced for the post-Switch device (which will be similar in appearance and format to the current big N) that doesn’t yet have an official name.

In the current Switch scene, a well-known hacker named SciresM has created Atmosphere, the platform’s custom firmware. He was responding to a codename that has recently appeared in the press for the Switch’s successor platform, Muji. It means “plain” in Japanese, so it’s probably just a temporary placeholder name that Nintendo is using to avoid leaking the name and codename of the hardware that will come after the Switch.



SciresM has posted the hash code for the name, which he claims is also the codename for the successor to the Nintendo Switch, as a kind of future-proofing. This hash code is currently unreadable and therefore cannot be deciphered, as the original phrase would be required. If the codename is released to the public, it will be possible to confirm whether he was telling the truth.



Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had previously said that the term “successor” was the most appropriate for the new device, so it could indeed be in the same format as the Switch, which has been available since March 2017, so it can be docked and played in portable format. The device has already been confirmed to be announced at the end of March, but it’s not official if it will be out by then.

It’s probably just a simple codename anyway. NX2 for example.

Source: WCCFTech

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