Is ASUS Scamming Consumers with RMA?! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – For a graphics card and a portable PC, you can hear that ASUS is charging a little too much money to replace a part, and some of the stories are outrageous!


ASUS’ RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) policy has been scandalous lately: they can find defects in the products you send in that you don’t even suspect, and they charge you for them at an astonishing rate. One example is the GeForce RTX 4090, which is currently the most powerful graphics card on the market. It costs $2800 in the US, but ASUS wants $3700 to repair it! This was reported on Reddit by a user named Mulgoki, who bought a ROG Strix White OC model of the RTX 4090 and it was working perfectly, but he noticed that a small piece of plastic was missing from the power connector, causing a small dent.

Mulgoki returned the product to ASUS for safety after the local store where he bought the card suggested it. However, ASUS customer support sent him a bill for $3758 for a missing piece of plastic, even though the GPU was almost new and in perfect working order! The user appealed this, and ASUS categorized the card as non-functional, which they claimed was not covered under warranty. They discounted the $3758 by 30%, but it would still cost about the same to repair as a new RTX 4090, and Mulgoki was offered a full price, tax included, buyback from ASUS after contacting the company’s CEO.


ASUS wants $3758 to repair a small plastic indent on their $2799 ASUS RTX 4090 WHITE OC [UPDATE]
byu/Mulgoki inpcmasterrace


But more damaging to ASUS’ image is the ASUS ROG Ally video from GamersNexus, probably one of the most credible tech channels on YouTube. Their story is that the handheld PC was sent back because the left analog stick could not be used horizontally. According to ASUS, it was not a warranty repair because the unit was missing a small piece of plastic (which has no effect on operation!), and they said the LCD display needed to be replaced (even though there is nothing wrong with it), and they charged $200 for it. Then they replaced things in it that they hadn’t thought of, and ASUS is hiding the manufacturing defect in the SD card reader.



Unbelievable what a company can do.

Source: WCCFTech

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