Will Apple Half the Price for the Second Generation Vision Pro?

TECH NEWS – The first version of Apple’s Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag, but rumors suggest that the price tag for the next-generation model won’t be so “thick.”


As interest in the Apple Vision Pro has all but disappeared, the Cupertino tech company expects to ship only 400-450,000 units this year, down from double that (800,000). Not many people will want to use the AR headset on a daily basis, which will cost at least $3500 (and when it is announced for European markets, the minimum will probably be €3500…). A second-generation model is reportedly already in the works with two additional suppliers.

On Twitter, Revegnus wrote that the Apple Vision Pro 2 will be available for between $1500 and $2500. If Apple is aiming for the lower end, the headset will be available for half that price, and the manufacturing costs could be reduced by even more (as the components for the model currently available cost the company $1542; the most expensive are the two 4K micro OLED displays that Apple is sourcing from Sony). It is not yet known how Apple would lower the price of the new model of the headset so much.

China’s SeeYa could be one of the new suppliers, and they have already sent samples to Apple for evaluation, and Samsung could also get in on the action with LLW DRAM (now provided by SK Hynix). Along with SeeYa, BOE was previously rumored (these two Chinese manufacturers could halve the amount spent on displays). Samsung could provide Apple with custom DRAM to properly process the data from the twelve cameras in the headset. Apple’s second-generation Vision Pro model is said to be due in 2026, and could be preceded by a cheaper model rumored for 2025 that could use an iPhone chipset instead of a Mac.

However, this is all just a rumor, so it’s not official what the new model of the Apple Vision Pro could be.

Source: WCCFTech

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