What could come out of the Collaboration Between Sony and Lego?

With rumors of a Lego project tied to one of Sony’s IPs, a surprising collaboration could be in the offing.


It has emerged on Twitter, courtesy of Kurakasis, a trusted insider, that an announcement is coming soon (during the rumored State of Play or PlayStation Showcase broadcast for May?) that something will be made of the collaboration between Sony and Lego. The person had previously named Sonic X Shadow Generations as one of Sega’s games, and also knew for a fact that Skydance and Marvel’s joint game was called 1943: Rise of Hydra, so he’s saying things out of thin air.

Kurakasis’s credibility is backed up by another equally reliable insider comment. According to Tom Henderson, an announcement is coming soon (and he did so by revealing which Sony IP: “an announcement is on the horizon”), adding that a Lego Horizon trailer has already been made and Sony is eager to release it. He believes that the rumors of a Sony announcement in May are not fiction, but credible, as there is a real chance that the “Blues” will reveal what they have in store for the next year or two during May.

It would have been hard to imagine a new game based on Lego from Horizon IP, but Guerrilla Games’ IP is one of Sony’s blockbusters. We’ve heard from the company before that a big part of their strategy is to build on blockbusters (like The Last of Us, which got a series adaptation for a reason), and that’s how they can really expand their audience. However, we can’t imagine that the game will only be released for PlayStation (PlayStation 5) and PC.

Will Lego Horizon be multiplatform? So not only MLB: The Show, Sony’s San Diego baseball games, could appear on Xbox, but also Aloy. But this is not official information!

Source: Reddit

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