Android Looks to the Future with deeper AI Integration: Fraudsters Beware!

TECH NEWS – With Gemini, or Nano on-device, Google is pushing for deeper AI integration in its mobile operating system.


Google wants to bring artificial intelligence to as many people as possible. The Alphabet subsidiary plans to do this by reaching users through Android. The Gemini app is evolving in its understanding of context, deepening its relationship with other apps and better understanding what is on the screen. The use of an overlay is a drastic change because the Gemini interface can be accessed from anywhere in the operating system.

So you can access artificial intelligence-powered searches and drag and drop the results into messages or notes. It even works within the YouTube application. We get a button (Ask this video) that lets us query parts of the video, while Gemini also interprets the context of the question. Gemini Advanced users can do the same in documents with the Ask this PDF button. These new features will be available to users in a few months. Android will use Gemini Nano technology to perform searches and generate text or visual content based on the same instructions.

Gemini Nano will also begin to take into account sounds, spoken language, and vision, and will be available on Google Pixel phones in 2024. TalkBack can be used to get a detailed definition of unlabeled images. This entire process will take place on your phone. It fills in missing information: for example, it can give you details about what’s in a picture sent by a family member or friend, or help you find the clothes you’re looking for when shopping online.

Gemini Nano will also be useful against fraudsters: Google has already demonstrated how it works by monitoring calls in real time to see if someone is trying to scam you. It will then give you the option to hang up immediately or continue the call. And there are more AI features to come with Android, version 15 of which will be released in 2024, perhaps at the same time as the Pixel 9 phones.

Source: WCCFTech

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