F1 Manager 2024: Get the Titles with Your Team [VIDEO]

The game from Frontier Developments has a release date and you can now pre-order F1 Manager 2024, which will also be available in a more expensive version.


Frontier is asking $35 for the base version, but there will also be a $45 version. The Deluxe Edition will include the “Create A Team F1 2024 Show Car” preset, five “Create A Team Classically Inspired Livery Patterns”, and five “Custom Race Replay Scenarios”. If you don’t want to take one of the ten current teams to the top, you can also create your own team, something that has never been done before in F1 Manager titles.

Plan and direct your team’s strategy and watch your drivers carry out your commands in thrilling F1 races, brought to life with broadcast quality presentation. Manage your drivers, staff, car development and facilities across multiple seasons. Customize every element of your team, from your origin and livery design to your logo and race suits. Recruit the right staff and drivers, and negotiate with sponsors for placement on your car.

The dramatic world of F1 comes to life on and off the track with the all-new Mentality System. Manage the personalities and needs of your staff and drivers as you strive for success. Keep your stars happy to prevent rivals from poaching your talent and disrupting your team’s path to the top. Build a legacy by nurturing F2 and F3 talent to add to your own partner pool.

Track visuals have been refreshed for the official 2024 season, including the returning Shanghai International Circuit. Improved track marbling and greater use of real-world data mean that race lines are clearer than ever, with improved track detail providing the most visually stunning presentation yet. The Helicam provides a strategic bird’s eye view of the action, giving you a new perspective as you execute and evolve your race day plans Racing presents ever-evolving challenges and opportunities with the introduction of mechanical failures. Can you mitigate these issues as they arise to stay on track? Make sure you are in a position to capitalize on your rivals’ problems and achieve unexpected results.

F1 Manager 2024 will be released on July 23 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store; Denuvo usage guaranteed), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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