Is Sony Working on a Handheld Capable of Running PlayStation 4 Games?

It seems that the PlayStation Portal is not just an exception from Sony (you can’t run games on it LOCALLY), so there might be a chance that another dedicated platform could be born after the PlayStation Vita.


A Russian journalist, Anton Logvinov, has appeared on the ResetEra forum. He was one of the first people to say, years before the official announcement, that PlayStation exclusive titles would be coming to PC. Logvinov reported on Telegram, his preferred medium in the Eastern European region, that Sony was working on a new PSP that would be able to run PlayStation 4 titles.

The first titles would only be those that are available on PC, so it’s all about games that can be played on Steam Deck, but that could be the reason for some surprises in the PlayStation handheld’s bag, especially considering how skeptical publishers can be about the platform. But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about such a device, as back in February Moore’s Law Is Dead said that the machine would be powered by a custom AMD APU that could maintain compatibility with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games.

However, Logvinov didn’t talk about PlayStation 5 games, so it’s not yet known if Sony is just keeping this under wraps or if support for PS5 titles will be announced later. But there is no doubt that handheld platforms have been a big success lately, with more and more of them on the market since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and then the Steam Deck a few years later (especially handheld PCs: Asus ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, MSI Claw…).

It’s not official yet that Sony will actually make such a handheld, but since there are rumors around Microsoft that they will also make a portable Xbox, maybe there really is potential for such a device. After all, the PlayStation Portable was very successful (although it was outsold by the Nintendo DS), and the PlayStation Vita wasn’t bad either.

Source: WCCFTech, ResetEra

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