Meta Quest 3S Specs May Have Leaked – How Potent Is The “Lite” Version?!

TECH NEWS – Meta Quest 3s “Lite” Features May Disappoint VR Enthusiasts Expecting Significant Improvements Over Quest 3…



VR fans who have been eagerly anticipating the rumoured launch of the Meta Quest 3s “Lite” may be disappointed by some of the design choices. New information has leaked about Meta/Facebook’s upcoming headset. These revealed how the headset will stand out from Meta Quest 2 and 3.

Meta currently essentially leads the field of virtual reality devices. Fans of devices like the Valve Index have been disappointed by the lack of sequels to some of the older VR devices. Meanwhile, Meta stormed ahead with several new headset designs, including all three standard Meta Quest headsets and the Meta Quest Pro.

While Meta has struggled to turn a profit from its endeavours, standalone VR headsets have become popular enough to become the top Steam VR headsets for users.

Now, technical details for the Meta Quest 3s “Lite” have been leaked courtesy of Lunayian. (See the tweet below!) But fans of the device series may be disappointed. Many expected the new Meta Quest to cut some of the features that made Quest 3 stand out. However, based on leaked design choices, many would instead consider the Quest 3s to be a new iteration of the Meta Quest 2…


How does the Meta Quest 3s compare to the Meta Quest 2 and 3?


Let’s start by saying that the Meta Quest 3s and the original Meta Quest 3 will have the same processor. This is the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. The refresh rate seems to be about the same between the two headsets. The new device has 90Hz/120Hz frequency and full-color gradient cameras. However, it will use the same Touch Plus controls as Meta Quest 3. However, the rest of the features are much closer to Meta Quest 2.

According to the leak, the resolution of the Meta Quest 3s lenses will be reduced from the original Meta Quest 3, from 2064×2208 to 1832×1920.

The pancake lenses of Meta Quest 3 are replaced with fresnel lenses. The IPD setup will be fixed at three different settings instead of the fully adjustable version of Meta Quest 3. While the Quest 3 had a method to manually adjust the device’s distance to accommodate users with glasses, the new version reverts to using a spacer like the Meta Quest 2.

There is currently no known price for the launch, although speculations range from $199 to $299 (approx. HUF 72,000 to HUF 107,000) based on previous series editions. VR enthusiasts should keep in mind that Meta has yet to confirm these specs. However, it sounds like the new tool is more of a middle ground between 2 and 3 than copying the best elements of Meta Quest 3.

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