Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War: Even the Game’s Poster has been Leaked! [VIDEO]

Even a teaser website has been found that tells you everything Microsoft has to say about the game, except what it’s called… so it’s definitely what they’re preparing for the Xbox Games Showcase in June.


For a long time we’ve heard rumors that this year’s Call of Duty would be set in the Gulf War, developed by Treyarch, and would be a new installment of Black Ops. First, Call of Duty expert Charlie Intel announced on Twitter that he had found a teaser website. How this happened is another matter, and we wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Activision Blizzard leaked it to them. There are six channels on the website, three of which have no broadcasts, the sixth, a news channel, has the words “The Truth Lies” placed on several well-known buildings (e.g. the Brandenburg Gate), but channels one and two are the main ones. All of these recordings can be downloaded by clicking on the REC button.



The four U.S. presidents on Mount Rushmore are again blindfolded with the statement that the truth lies. On one of the blindfolds is a wolf-like logo similar to the one Microsoft used when they announced that there would be a Direct coming right after the Xbox Games Showcase (no word yet on which game). And it’s easy to connect the two.

Then Billbil-kun also leaked a picture of what appears to be this year’s Call of Duty poster. It was blurred, but you can still see what it is. The character is in a similar pose to the one we (also) saw on the first Call of Duty: Black Ops poster, and the orange and gray color scheme is very reminiscent of what CoD often uses in this series.



All this is not official yet, but our only question is: will Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War (if that’s what it’s going to be called) be cross-gen, or will they finally abandon the PlayStation 4/Xbox One duo?

Source: WCCFTech

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