Deadlock: We can See the Gameplay, Too! [VIDEO]

A gameplay video of the yet-to-be-released game has leaked, giving us a better look at what the steampunk world of Deadlock will look like.


Last week it was revealed that Deadlock was secretly in alpha testing. Since it requires players, it was only a matter of time before Valve’s 6v6 shooter was leaked. Gabe Newell and his team are trying to remove the footage from everywhere, but it’s up on Streamable, and we’ve prepared an alternate download link just in case. It’s a team-based hero shooter (Overwatch is like that) with a slight MOBA (DotA) twist, as the game has more “lanes”.

You can rely on the grappling ropes to move quickly, and you can see that in the footage during the practice mode. The visuals are very similar to the steampunk style of BioShock. There are also cigarette advertisements in the background. Furthermore, a character selection menu pops up and we learn that there will be 19 characters with different abilities, ranging from a steampunk-style robot (Infernus) to supernatural characters (Ivy, a bat-like creature) to humans. Many of them have elemental attacks (Infernus: fire, Kelvin: ice). Let’s take a look at the characters and their abilities.

Haze sneaks up and sprays bullets. If she focuses on a target, she can hold her own in a firefight. She prefers one-sided exchanges, avoiding damage and then picking off unsuspecting targets at close range. Grey Talon delivers skill shots from a distance, using a combination of deadly accuracy, traps, and clever positioning to take down the toughest of opponents. Kelvin freezes enemies in place. Timely healing and proper team splitting can mean the difference between an easy victory and a devastating defeat. Gliding around enemies to slow them down gives Kelvin’s team the maneuvering advantage to do this. Lady Ghost sacrifices Health, then restores it. Spending Health for devastating effects is the source of her power. When low on health, she can drain the life out of her opponents.

Seven electrocutes crowds of enemies. It thrives in a skirmish, waiting for the moment to strike. Then, like a storm, he rolls into the fray and pummels his enemies with a cascade of lightning. Vindicta snipes at the unsuspecting. She has the agility to attack at will, picking off her prey and slowly draining them of their blood. Injured enemies at any distance should fear being picked off when she is on the map. The Warden weakens enemies and chases them down. He leads from the front, jumping into the fray and preventing his opponents from fighting effectively. But what he sees as brave is seen as reckless by others, and if he’s not careful, he can easily get in over his head. Adept at one-on-one combat, Wraith melts isolated targets and teleports away before anyone can retaliate. Yamato delivers charged attacks with finesse, using precise strikes to decimate her opponents. However, such damaging attacks often leave her exposed, so she must make every shot count.

So when will Valve announce?

Source: WCCFTech

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