What Happened To Marvel’s Wolverine?! Insomniac Games Answers

Despite the leaks, Marvel’s Wolverine is still in development. However, there is no confirmed release date or window…



It must be admitted that Insomniac Games’ pitch has been soaring higher and higher since the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox One generations. This phase began with Sunset Overdrive and continued with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The Californians seem to be turning their ideas into cash by partnering with PlayStation and Disney. Clearly, Marvel is a giant cash cow. This is proven by the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine, which is the first game in more than ten years to star the character. However, there is a lot of silence around the game…

Although Marvel’s Wolverine has grabbed everyone’s attention with its 2023 launch, Ted Price’s company still has Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming up and the spider-hero’s mid-to-short future with rumors of a Venom spin-off.

Because of this, and because of the anticipation generated by Logan’s adventure, the attack on Insomniac Games tried to spoil the image of the game and its development with massive leaks about the PS5-exclusive game.

This is a critical moment for the company, the industry, and the PlayStation ecosystem in general. The latter is susceptible to attacks and, with it, leaks. As a result, many gamers wondered if Insomniac Games would make headlines for the rest of the 2024 “dry” period with a new release for the game. However, this cannot happen.


Marvel’s Wolverine still “needs time” to hit the big screen


To mark Insomniac Games’ 30th anniversary, the Californian team shared footage from games like Ratchet and Clank to commemorate the company’s history. A few players took the opportunity to ask when we’ll be getting news on Wolverine.

Insomniac Games’ answer in this case was clear: “We’ll share news when the time is right, and the right time isn’t now.”

In fact, with Hugh Jackman returning to theatres as the character in the third Deadpool movie, some speculated that June would be the perfect time to get a preview of him in the game. Could the Californians be referring to a summer show? Who knows; we can only hope, especially since the game is not expected to be ready until at least the end of 2025…

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