Persona 6: Yin and Yang Theme in Atlus’ Long-Awaited Game?

The release of Persona’s sixth major episode is reportedly much closer than we previously thought, but SEGA has yet to officially announce the JRPG.


Midori, who leaks about Atlus and SEGA games with perhaps too much accuracy (are they undercover?), has now shared the game’s temporary, placeholder logo on Twitter. That is, it’s not the final logo, which is understandable since it looks a bit amateurish. They also added that there will be some sort of yin and yang theme that Persona 6 will follow (and we can’t imagine how many spin-offs there will be down the line).

Midori said that the full development of Persona 6 began before the recently released episodes, making it a project of a larger scale than the recent Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica. As a result, it is not that far away from release, even though the Japanese publisher has yet to officially announce the game.

The Yin and Yang theme therefore implies two opposing sides, which is not surprising since another leaker previously reported that there would be two protagonists with two different perspectives. Only (if the rumor is true) one of them will not be playable in the dungeons. Persona 6 will also use a partially open-world formula, so we’ll have more freedom than in previous episodes.

If SEGA doesn’t keep the public waiting too long, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Persona 6 released in the fall. If that’s true, we wonder how long it will be between the Japanese and international releases. For Persona 5, it was six and a half months (Japan: mid-September 2016, West: early April 2017), and if the Japanese company is serious about making the IP mainstream, there shouldn’t be such a big gap now.

All this is not official!

Source: WCCFTech

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