Is Apple Not Working on its Own Chatbot?

TECH NEWS – Now we hear that the Cupertino-based company isn’t working on a chatbot of its own development, so it’s likely that OpenAI’s ChatGPT won’t get another rival (there are several on the market, such as Google’s Gemini).


We’ve also reported on Apple’s GPT before: rumors had it that the tech company was also building a chatbot, which it could present at this year’s WWDC to draw more attention to iOS 18, as we’ve been hearing for months that its AI integration would be much greater than before. However, some of the plans may have changed: although the new iOS will still be an AI-enabled platform, its ChatGPT rival will not be implemented.

It would be unnecessary for Apple to spend billions of dollars on developing a chatbot only to end up with a result that is inferior to ChatGPT. That’s why it seems appropriate for Apple and OpenAI to work together to improve Siri and iOS with features similar to ChatGPT. More details on this were written by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg’s latest Power On newsletter.

“There’s also no Apple-designed chatbot, at least not yet. That means the company won’t be competing in the most high-profile area of AI: a market that caught fire after OpenAI released ChatGPT in late 2022. While some Apple executives are philosophically opposed to the idea of an in-house chatbot, there’s no getting around the need for one. And the version Apple is building is simply not up to snuff.

The solution: a partnership. On that front, the company has been in talks with both Google and OpenAI about integrating their chatbots into iOS 18. In March, it appeared that Apple and Google were close to a deal, and people on both sides felt that something could be hammered out by WWDC. But Apple ultimately sealed the deal earlier with OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman, and their partnership will be part of the WWDC announcement,” Gurman wrote.

So talks with Google have stalled (perhaps for the better: the AI overviews feature suggested scandalous things, we wrote about that). We’ll know more at WWDC.

Source: WCCFTech

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