This Zelda Breath Of The Wild Fan Has Done Something Amazing!

It’s been more than seven years since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released, but the game still inspires fans.



One of its many good features that quickly caught our attention about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the size of the map. Discovering this gigantic new version of Hyrule is no small experience. The environment didn’t disappoint in the gameplay and proves that the game is still inspiring the community seven years after its release. For one user, this took the form of an homage to the video game.

The person in question recreated the game’s map using LEGO bricks in a digital version, made of precisely 14,795 pieces!


Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule was created out of LEGO


A user named Linky shared a digital LEGO model on Reddit that consists of 14,795 pieces. This represents the entire map of Breath of the Wild. His creation quickly went viral, both among the LEGO community and fans of the Nintendo franchise. The truth is that the stage has all kinds of details. It features one of the most stunning recreations of Hyrule we’ve ever seen. However, the good result came after a lot of hard work. Linky claims the creation took a year to complete and “probably took between 80 and 180 hours”. He doesn’t have a more accurate estimate because he simply never stopped to calculate.

Although this may seem less spectacular to the less LEGO-savvy community, as it is a digital model that has not yet been built in physical form, “digital LEGO” requires just as much patience and imagination as the real thing.

The model is made piece by piece with incredible detail and can only be assembled from the aforementioned 14,975 LEGO pieces. In this sense, it doesn’t exist in the real world yet because (for now) only they have the building instructions. Furthermore (and mainly), because they would have to spend 2,100 euros on parts…

Many users have asked the model’s creator to post the instructions on a page called “Rebrickable”. Here, other community members can buy them and do the crafting. It’s an alternative that this Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan has considered, though he says it will take some time. After all, a lot of information needs to be gathered before “anyone” can carry out such a project. In a way, his job is the same as that of a real LEGO engineer.

Source: Reddit

I made Hyrule from Breath of the Wild
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