[UFC 2024] Is The Gears Of War: E-Day Trailer CG Or Game Engine? Here’s The Answer!

Several artists emphasized that the milestone achieved by Blur Studio, the makers of the Gears of War: E-Day trailer, should not be overlooked…



One of the biggest surprises of the Xbox Games Showcase – in addition to giving us an excuse to play for the rest of 2024 and 2025 – was Gears of War: E-Day. The series’ return after a five-year hiatus will be completely different from what we have been used to. After all, we are 14 years before the first game’s events. However, the recent teaser looked terrific, which Geoff Keighley may have misinterpreted as a CG cinematic with Unreal Engine 5 elements.

But the reality is different: it’s made entirely with Epic’s engine and rendered in real-time, giving you an example of what the game will look like when it’s released.

One can indeed jump to the wrong conclusions in the heat of the moment. We are all capable of being wrong, but such is the power of the Canadian’s Twitter account that his mention has resonated with many players. “[The trailer] was a CG from Blur Studio, using in-game assets from UE5,” Keighley tweeted, clarifying that this was a non-representative look at the final result, which was a mistake. Although the studio, founded by Deadpool director Tim Miller, surprised many with the motion pictures of Star Wars: The Old Republic or their work on Avengers: Age of Ultron, the team’s achievements in real-time use of UE5 should not be overlooked.


The first Gears of War: E-Day trailer is rendered in real-time


It was not one or two but dozens of people who set Keighley right. They cited that they worked entirely with the engine, not only based on The Coalition’s first interview about the game about the use of Unreal Engine 5 but also based on Xbox insiders such as Guy Welch, the game’s director of marketing. Indeed it was. Moreover, Blizzard’s film and digital sculptor, Jamir Blanco, made it clear how wrong the famous showman was.

“Let me rephrase this a little better.. the amazing Gears piece you just saw was FULL REALTIME. With realtime models, textures, environments, etc. All within Unreal Engine 5. Saying it was a “CG from Blur Studio” diminishes all the technical achievements you probably didn’t notice from how good it was” – mentioned Blanco.

While it’s true that a pre-rendered trailer can look phenomenal, we’re talking about work that benefits from waiting, allowing them to work on making the images look realistic.

Microsoft also clarified in the same interview that Gears of War: E-Day will be their most graphically advanced game yet. He also confirmed that Unreal Engine 5 is being used for a graphically outstanding experience. They clarified that what you saw last night was done in real-time with the engine itself. Gears of War: E-Day promises to be a milestone in the franchise. It is made with stunning visual quality and a location that takes the series to new levels of terror and excitement. Unfortunately, we still have to wait, as there is no release window for the game yet.

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