[XGS 2024] Fable Reboot: Playground Games Gets Helping Hands [VIDEO]

With another Xbox project, we’ve known for a while that an outside studio was helping the Microsoft team (more on that game later in the news), so it’s no big surprise to hear that the Fable reboot has been confirmed.


What does it mean to be a hero? In last year’s trailer, that question was answered by Dave, a gardener turned giant with a chip on his shoulder. This year, we get a much darker take from Humphry, played by British comedy actor Matt King. Humphry was once Albion’s greatest hero, but those glory days are long gone. In Fable, Humphry is forced out of retirement when a mysterious figure from his past threatens the very existence of Albion. Playground Games also confirmed its collaboration with Eidos Montréal, who will be assisting in the ongoing development of Fable, which will be released to players in 2025.

Yes, it’s an external team helping the Microsoft studio that we know mainly from the Forza Horizon titles. It seems that it wasn’t enough for Playground to open a second studio, because they also need Eidos Montréal. We know them from the 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the 2014 Thief reboot, or Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. By the way, the Playground-Eidos Montréal collaboration was rumored by Bloomberg editor Jason Schreier back in November 2022… so after a year and a half, Microsoft and even Eidos Montréal confirmed it on Twitter.

Playground Games and Eidos Montréal also revealed that we can’t expect a Fable release this year. Because we haven’t heard much about the game that was announced four years ago (July 2020), but rumors were circulating as early as 2017 (!!!) that Microsoft was up to something with the Fable IP. Perhaps it was announced too early.

Fable will be released sometime in 2025 for the Xbox Series and PC. As with all first-party, internally developed titles, you’ll be able to access it via Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

Source: Gematsu, WCCFTech



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