Game Pass: Promising Strategy Game Might Soon Be Joining The Catalogue?! [VIDEO]

Ara: History Untold is coming to PC only on September 24 and will debut on Game Pass on launch day.



Fans of strategy games have reason to rejoice. A few days ago, at the Ubisoft Forward event, Anno 117: Pax Romana, a game that takes you back to Roman times, was revealed as a surprise. However, at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, other gamers and Game Pass users alike were curious about Ara: History Untold, the turn-based strategy game in which you can build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

We already knew that Oxide Games’ game would be released this year, but now we have a specific date.

As read via the Xbox Wire website, it has been revealed that Ara: History Untold is coming to PC on September 24, exclusively via Steam. However, it has also been reported that players can easily access and try out the strategy game through PC Game Pass. The video released by Xbox also revealed new details about gameplay, multiplayer, and more, which we’ll detail below.


New details about Ara: History Untold coming to Game Pass


Oxide Games has put a lot of work into the technical side of Ara. We will see the most detailed agricultural and industrial areas. Although the strategy game spans ancient times, we can also play in the modern era. Another exciting thing is that it is a live course, which means that the NPCs are constantly performing tasks, so the environment is dynamic and flexible.

This is closely related to the procedural generation of worlds, as each game will be different, offering different biomes and new gameplay experiences.

Regarding gameplay, Ara is a title that aims to build a nation that continues to grow through military conquests and religious and industrial victories. From there, players will be able to claim new territories. They also have access to more raw materials. If you play in multiplayer mode, you will be able to increase your civilization with “simultaneous rounds”. This makes it easier for players to complete their tasks at the same time. In addition, Microsoft Azure Cloud will provide technology to make the rounds more flexible so that the pace will be lively.

Source: Xbox Wire

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