Zack Snyder’s Scandinavian Gods Are Coming! Here’s The Trailer And Release Date! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Netflix is ​​working with Zack Snyder again: an epic story about the angry northern gods – this is what we can expect from Twilight of the Gods.



Zack Snyder is gearing up to star on Netflix this summer. A few days ago, he confirmed the release date of the director’s cuts of Rebel Moon. And yesterday afternoon, he announced that Twilight of the Gods, returning to animated films, will be released before the autumn equinox. And he also gave us a first glimpse of the recordings. (See at the end of the article!)

The series was created by Jay Oliva (known from DC animated films) and Eric Carrasco, with some episodes directed by Zack Snyder, and presents a heroic story of love, loss and revenge.

“It’s a journey to hell and beyond, through fantastical landscapes, fierce and bloody battlefields, and wars against deities and demons.”

Twilight of the Gods follows the life of King Leif (Stuart Martin), who is saved from death on the battlefield by Sigrid (Sylvia Hoeks), an iron-willed warrior with whom he falls in love. “On their wedding night, Sigrid and Leif survive the wrath and terror of Thor (Pilou Asbæk), who sends them (and a band of crusaders) on a brutal campaign of revenge against all odds,” adds Netflix.


We don’t just find Zack Snyder’s movies on Netflix


Stone Quarry and animation studio Xilam bring to life “Snyder’s bold and spectacular vision of ancient Norse mythology.” Netflix scheduled the premiere of the fiction for September 19. Let’s quickly add that more animated films are expected on Netflix, such as the second season of Arcane or The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep.

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