The Latest Xbox Series Update Is Downloadable – Here Are The Most Important Changes!

TECH NEWS – As part of the Xbox Series update, all users can now play with Cloud Gaming, among other things, with a keyboard and mouse.



Xbox has revealed what’s new in the June update for devices and services. These include developments that affect both Xbox Series devices intended for gamers and initiatives such as Cloud Gaming; all of these can, of course, be downloaded and enjoyed right now.

Let’s start with the fact that, according to the company’s official announcement, Xbox console users can design their main menu with greater freedom.

Remember when you used to be able to choose between a dynamic background or a rotation of official game images? Well, now you can combine these two options. If you want, you can make the screen more colourful without changing the tone of your profile picture. And if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft has also improved Wi-Fi connectivity so that gaming devices can remember up to 10 different networks.



Xbox Series / Cloud Gaming



This is not the end of console news. Xbox also confirmed that there will be a lot of testing in the coming months: “We’re always looking for ways to improve Xbox experiences for players around the world. This month you’ll notice updates like the ability to search using the console finder, Game Updates to the layout and style of the Pass page, as well as additional information when searching for card and storage button results.”

“As we launch these trials, a random group of players will be able to try them out.”


Keyboard and mouse in Cloud Gaming are now available for all Xbox Series players


A few weeks ago it was revealed that testing of the new keyboard and mouse support in Cloud Gaming is already in full swing. This is now available to everyone, thanks to the new Xbox June update. In addition, the Xbox Adaptive Controller has also been fine-tuned. It can now support multiple accessories per USB port, allowing 12 buttons and a second joystick.

Source: Xbox Wire

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