Diablo IV: Season 5 Announced – Will The New Season Fulfill The Wish Of Many Players?!

Diablo IV continues to win over players by doing something straightforward: listening to their feedback.



The journey of Diablo IV has been full of ups and downs since its release. There were times in its first year of life when we thought the game was on a downward spiral from which it was impossible to escape. Then, there were times when optimism flowed from him. However, Blizzard has had enough of every new season being a money toss. The developer doesn’t want their ARPG to continue living in rollercoaster mode. You seem to have found the key to avoiding this. At least, that’s what we can conclude after the company made its latest announcements regarding the title’s future.


Diablo IV is trying a test server again


The game’s fifth season will be available for early testing through the “Public Test Realm.” This “test” server contributed a lot to changing the face of the game. This is a public beta that all players can access to try out new content. Also, to give the developers feedback so they can make changes before the final release.

Blizzard first used this in Season 4, which is almost unanimously considered by the community to be the best of the year since its release.

When does the Season 5 beta start? The developers of Diablo IV have not yet confirmed the opening dates of the test server with the new season patch. However, the announcement of the date should not wait too long. The company plans to release the Mid-Season 4 Patch “sometime next week”. On June 21st, there will be a conversation for players about the next big update. We will find out on which day the PTR will be available later on in this conversation.

The test server helped players feel more involved in the development. It’s a positive tool, but it has to be admitted that radical game change goes a little further than that. Blizzard could stop and listen to players and make adjustments based on their feelings. In this sense, the excellent relationship between the people responsible for the video game and the community is what really makes us think that this pinnacle can be sustained in the long run.

Source: Windows Central

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