Wonder Woman: Many Details Leaked!

Monolith’s game has been leaked thanks to an online marketing questionnaire, and even though Warner has deleted the images from Imgur and Twitter, the publisher can’t remove the details from the Internet.


The game is set in Themyscira, where Wonder Woman must return home and battle Circe (a sorceress) and her army. She must repair her relationship with her mother (Hippolyta) and the other Amazons. Use superhuman strength to defeat your enemies and perform powerful combos in a fast-paced combat system. This sounds more like Batman: Arkham than anything else, which would be a huge relief after Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Weapons will include the Lasso of Truth.

The Nemesis system seen in the two Middle-earth games will also be part of Wonder Woman. Our enemies will remember us and our actions, and then act on their own thoughts and beliefs. This all sounds like Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but in the DC Universe. It could all go wrong there if Warner tries to force microtransactions and monetization down our throats this time.

There is no information on when Wonder Woman might be released, but the definition is certainly exciting. The concept art has been deleted from Twitter after Imgur, but using our protagonist’s home country is an excellent idea. The gameplay might be good at first glance, but it’s too early to judge the story. If Monolith sticks to what they have done so far, we could get a decent looking action game from the studio. The question is how much Warner will push the live service model.

We finally found the images on Reddit. The question is when Warner will go for it. The game will most likely be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. Perhaps Nintendo will also get the game on its yet-to-be-announced next-gen console, as the Switch 2 (unofficial name) will at least be able to keep up with the Xbox Series S.

Source: DSOGaming

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