Marvel’s Wolverine: Insomniac’s Game Keeps Leaking [VIDEO]

The PlayStation 5-exclusive game starring one of the X-Men is back on video, meaning the fallout from the ransomware attack on the Insomniac Games team is still being felt almost six months after it happened.


From cinematic trailers to fully playable alpha builds, Marvel’s Wolverine has been the victim of quite a few leaks, but it wasn’t entirely certain whether we’d be getting another open-world game from Insomniac this time around, or if the Sony studio was working on a more linear adventure. In the newly leaked footage, fans have speculated that Wolverine is jumping and climbing walls on a fictional island in Southeast Asia called Madripoor.

The footage even shows our protagonist escaping from the Weapon X factory, which is essentially his birthplace and another iconic element of the comics. Fans have also reportedly found design documents that mention hubs, so there will be central locations where the clawed protagonist can spend time between missions. In other words, it may not be an open-world Marvel’s Wolverine, but it will be a case of completing a mission, going to a hub, and repeating that until the end of the story.

We can criticize the alpha version of the game for having Wolverine leap in the air in a similar way to the Hulk, but we can’t really criticize the game’s animations because Marvel’s Wolverine is far from finished. The animation is something the studio can work on, and since the game won’t be released this year, Insomniac will surely fix it.

Hopefully the game will not be canceled by Insomniac Games. (Speaking of Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 and its possible new playable character was in the news yesterday). Whether the studio finishes it or not, it’s coming to PlayStation 5 and will surely appear on PC later.

Source: Gameland

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