Former Elon Musk Employee Files A Lawsuit – Exposed To Quite A Risk At The Company!

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk’s former employee was forced to work with monkeys with herpes when she was pregnant…



One of Elon Musk’s most ambitious projects is Neuralink. The company focuses on brain chips to restore motor skills, vision and other abilities. A few months ago, we learned that the first patient who was given a chip with such capabilities was able to play until 6 in the morning. Not long after, it turned out that he was having problems due to the displacement of the device’s wires. This, unfortunately, caused the cables to move around inside the skull.

However, one of the most egregious Neuralink news stories has started to gain traction in the past few hours, as a former employee has come forward.

As Fortune reported in a recent publication, Lindsay Short is a former company employee who left less than a year ago. The cause? As she herself points out in her lawsuit, she announced her pregnancy, which cost her her job 24 hours after sharing the news.


A monkey with herpes clawed Elon Musk’s employee


Unfortunately, the most apparent aspect of the case is not Short’s wrongful dismissal. But the risk that her participation in Neuralink posed to her health. As she herself emphasized, when she joined the company, she found the work environment chaotic. But she never thought it would rise to such a high level.

According to her, she was clawed several times by monkeys (Neuralink used monkeys for experimenting), and unfortunately, one of the monkeys was infected with the herpes B virus.

Despite this, Short claims his superiors did nothing to improve her work environment. In fact, she stated that she was threatened and told to do a better job. Because they felt she performed below expectations. After her time at the company, Short was promoted. But just two months later, she was demoted and returned to her former job. She also revealed that they promised to offer more flexible working hours. However, this remained only a promise. After all that, after she informed them about her pregnancy, she was fired. That’s why she decided to sue the company. Elon Musk has not yet commented on the matter.

Source: Fortune

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