Will The Next Mad Max Movie Be Coming?! Tom Hardy Has Spoken

MOVIE NEWS – Mad Max sequel plans uncertain after Furiosa’s lukewarm reception. It turned out what the new Max himself, i.e. Tom Hardy, thinks about the matter…



Tom Hardy found himself starring in a Hollywood blockbuster as a new iteration of Max Rockatansky in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. But he recently gave some disappointing information about his possible return to the Mad Max franchise. After Furiosa’s lukewarm reception at the box office, plans for a sequel still haven’t been confirmed, and Hardy doesn’t seem to hold out much hope for that to happen.

Hardy is currently promoting his latest film, The Bikers, and in an interview with Forbes, he was blunt about the possibility of him returning to the Mad Max franchise in a possible sequel, which will be titled The Wasteland:

“I don’t think that’s happening.”

So with The Bikeriders and the upcoming Marvel film Venom: The Last Dance, which hits theatres this October, Hardy’s schedule seems free. In the interview, he also commented on the “methods” of acting, saying:

“Oh, I don’t have a method. I’ve studied so many methods – so many – that you take a little bit from everything. Ultimately, the fundamental that I have, if anything, is Do I like this? What do I like about it? and ask questions. Get to know the people I’m working with, the director. You take what works for you and everybody’s different – in the same way I wouldn’t advise another actor how to do something. It’s not my business. It’s a language – any method necessary. If anything, I’ve refined that to just the joy of storytelling.”


The future of the Mad Max franchise after Furiosa, with or without Tom Hardy


In 2015, amid the success of Mad Max: Fury Road, the future of the franchise looked great. Hardy himself has said that he will appear in several Mad Max films. However, things have changed. The reception to Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga wasn’t as massive as everyone expected. Warner Bros executives are tight-lipped about the future of the franchise. The film grossed just $160.6 million against a $168 million budget.

While Hardy’s attention is currently focused on The Bikeriders, George Miller has not cancelled plans to make Mad Max: The Wasteland. All it would take is a good script, regaining the trust of Warner Bros., and the opportunity to bring strong players to the formula; Hardy is one of them.

Source: Forbes

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