Who Cares That Slap Now: Another Promising Movie Starring Will Smith Was Announced!

MOVIE NEWS – Will Smith will star in Resistor, a new sci-fi thriller based on Daniel Suarez’s book Influx, which explores the world of hidden technological developments.



Oscar winner Will Smith continues his comeback after the “slap that conquered the world”. The actor and Hollywood icon has now landed the lead role in a new sci-fi thriller from Sony. The film Resistor will be based on the book Influx by bestselling author Daniel Suarez. It takes place in a world where a select few already live in the technological future.

With Resistor, Smith will expand his science fiction buffet, starring Jon Grady, a particle physicist who discovers the shadow world beneath ours after discovering a gravity-reflecting device, which keeps all technological progress to itself…

While the details of the film’s plot are still being revealed, you can read the synopsis of the novel below, courtesy of Daniel Suarez’s official website.

“Are smart phones really humanity’s most significant innovation since the moon landings? Or can something else explain why the bold visions of the 20th century—fusion power, genetic enhancements, artificial intelligence, cures for common diseases, extended human lifespan, and a host of other world-changing advances—have remained beyond our grasp? Why has the high-tech future that seemed imminent in the 1960’s failed to arrive?

Perhaps it did arrive…but only for a select few.

Particle physicist Jon Grady is ecstatic when his team achieves what they’ve been working towards for years: a device that can reflect gravity. Their research will revolutionize the field of physics—the crowning achievement of a career. Grady expects widespread acclaim for his entire team. The Nobel Prize. Instead, his lab is locked down by a shadowy organization whose mission is to prevent at all costs the social upheaval sudden technological advances bring. This Bureau of Technology Control uses the advanced technologies they have harvested over the decades to fulfill their mission.

They are living in our future.”


Will Smith can count on another hit movie success after the new Bad Boys


Resistor was written by Eric Warren Singer. It will be produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch and Tony Shaw of Escape Artists. The project has been in the works for some time. The studio has now moved forward following Smith’s involvement and the recent box office success of the actor’s action film Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

According to Deadline, Escape Artists saw Resistor as “the perfect star vehicle for Smith” and “wanted to move fast to stay in business with the star given how well the tracking was looking for the opening weekend of Bad Boys: Ride or Die.”

Source: Deadline, Daniel Suarez

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