Speaking of 2D, the graphics look stunning for such a game.

Galak-Z: The Dimensional – 80s Space Anime on PS4

REVIEW - Galak Z: The Dimensional is…
While Dying Light had one giant health bar zombie monster against us during the mission called The Pit.

Dying Light: The Following – 28 days later

REVIEW – Techland has had a rocky…
In the end Tharsis a neat little game that earns itself among „the most fun but frustrating experiences”.

Tharsis: In space no one can hear you roll a dice

REVIEW – Indie games have been all…

Krampus – The gift that keeps on taking

MOVIE – 2015 is soon over, and…
This year’s PlayStation Experience was a mixed bag, with games being announced left and right, but all of those games lacked any impact (Well most of them).

PlayStation Experience 2015 – The second annual.. meh

OPINION – Welcome to the second annual…
So how does the DLC fit into the lore of Bloodborne? Well, it does so by making everything more confusing and at the same time a hell of a lot interesting.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – You are still not ready!

REVIEW – Well, we are way passed…
It was a great to show, which is not something I can say about this year’s show.

PlayIT – Is this Hungary’s Gamescom?

OPINION – PlayIT is an event held…
Rainbow Six: Siege - The story seemed controversial, but that just gave me all the more hope about the game itself.

Rainbows Six Siege – Let’s siege them!

PREVIEW – Back in 2011 when the…
In the future mankind is in peril against three alien races that all wish to destroy “Super” Earth which is aided by the Helldivers.

Helldivers – Protecting your future and Super Earth!

PS VITA – Arrowhead Studios is no stranger…
Well after watching Crimson Peak I can finally say that this was a breath of fresh air.

Crimson Peak – Deadly waltz with Tom Hiddleston

MOVIE – Guillermo del Toro is back, after…

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