You are a Division agent, a hero that every civilian, and basically Judge Dredd that eliminates all opposition to the City’s good.

Tom Clancy’s The…

All Rise For The National Anthem!
However sadly while everything has a next-gen feeling to it, the only thing that is quite bland is the environmental design. While there is no backtracking like in DMC4, the environments pretty much are Ruined city or Weird Tree insides that are grey.

Devil May Cry…

The Goth, The Punk, And The Rocker
The gameplay of Anthem should revolve around collecting loot so that you can kill the next badass monster or enemy to get the even better loot. It goes from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and masterwork.

Anthem – Destiny’s…

Destiny’s Stepchild
The story of Crackdown 3 takes place a couple of years after the last game, and the world has been devastated by multiple attacks by an evil corporation called Terranova.

Crackdown 3 –…

Nine-Nine Motherduckers!

The Lego Movie…

Some Assembly Required
In the end, the beta does have its fair share of issues.

Tom Clancy’s The…

The Sum of All Loot
Both sides as per the original game, are entirely different with separate routes, story beats, and cutscenes.

Resident Evil 2…

Shot Through the Head!
Bandai Namco is returning to the Ace Combat franchise, which will receive a new installment soon.

Ace Combat 7:…

Aces High
The new characters barely get any screen time, sure Darius is there for the cutscenes, but other than that and one boss fight him, and his daughter are pretty much non-existent in the storyline.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:…

Another Cult Bites the Dust!
The story of Sunset Overdrive is a fun mix of Night of The Living Dead, and a guy going on a Coca-Cola bender for weeks.

Sunset Overdrive –…

Smells Like Orange Zombies

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: The Division 2 girl