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The Embracer Group has acquired the creators of Metro and 7 other studios, here are the details of what we can expect after the acquisition.

At last! The Metro 2033 film finds new Russian allies and announces its filming

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Uncharted film

A New Director At The Helm of the Uncharted Movie… Again

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MOVIE NEWS - Quentin Tarantino discusses his tenth and last film and does not reject the idea of a horror movie.

Quentin Tarantino: His 10th and Last Film Could Be a Horror Movie!

MOVIE NEWS – Quentin Tarantino discusses his…
In the last hours, Disney has been news and is that with its control over Fox now has in its portfolio a host of feature films of this film label. In fact, specifically, they have a whopping 246 movies filming, preproduction or postproduction, and the new directive has made drastic decisions about some of them.

Disney cancels a large number of movies related to video games

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Mortal Kombat 11 - We'd also like to add that Cetrion doesn't seem to be a well-animated character at the moment, and since Mortal Kombat 11's launch is less than three weeks away, it's likely that there will be issues... so we could say that „Mother Nature” (are we the only ones who think that...?) will likely have a questionable quality in movements. (Also, she seems to have some resemblances to Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is all but confirmed to get a sequel...).

Mortal Kombat screenwriter looks at Deadpool for movie tone

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The Halo TV series.

The Halo TV series already has actors for Cortana and other key characters

Some of these characters will arrive for…
MOVIE NEWS - Stephen King might not have had any involvement in 2017’s IT adaptation, still, it seems, that the famed horror author did provide some input for its sequel—this year’s It Chapter Two.

IT Chapter Two Contains an All-New Scene Written by Stephen King

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“Little Things”: Jared Leto in negotiations to give a reply to Denzel Washington

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Atomic Blonde - An intense combination of sleek action, graphic sexuality and dazzling style, Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch, who made his directorial debut on the 2014 cult hit John Wick, alongside Chad Stahelski, and he also recently signed on to direct the upcoming Deadpool 2.

Atomic Blonde 2 Is Near Production, It May Go Straight to a Stream Service

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Ben Affleck -Arkham Asylum - Untitled Batman Reboot comes to theaters in 2021.

Batman: Ben Affleck was preparing a movie about Arkham Asylum

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