Amber Heard wants to avoid being mentioned in Aquaman 2 at the court hearing.

Johnny Depp Allegedly Wanted Amber Heard Fired from Aquaman

MOVIE NEWS – Johnny Depp allegedly tried…
Luckily Netflix decided to grab up the creators of the show and decided to greenlight an 8 episode first season of a different type of zombie show called Black Summer. Yet for all the excitement I had for Black Summer due to the two creator’s previous portfolio, it soon eroded once I started watching the show.

Black Summer – Z-Grade Walking Dead

Z-Grade Walking Dead
Sad news coming from the United Kingdom. The young actress Mya-Lecia Naylor, known for her roles in Almost Never and Millie In between, but also for being part of the long-awaited series The Witcher on Netflix, has died at the age of 16.

The Young Actress Mya-Lecia Naylor Dies, She Was a Star of The Witcher Series

MOVIE NEWS – Netflix did not confirm…
The first season which just premiered on the 3rd of April 2019 on Netflix is only six episodes, and each episode is around 25 to 31 minutes. Each of the episodes has neatly woven flashback through old video recordings either done by Tony to remind himself of the good times (while drinking scotch in bed) or his wife who recorded a message for Tony to be himself even after she dies.

After Life Season 1 – An Idyllic English Depression

An Idyllic English Depression
It's up to Square Enix, as they own the Tomb Raider IP at the moment. Going by Dahan's comment (especially the „we're not able to say anything” line), there's a high chance that Lara is already going into the next-gen, which is perfectly understandable.

Tomb Raider Is Going To Continue!

Not only the games, but the films…
Guillermo del Toro had shot two very beautiful films, had to close his trilogy, but the business decided otherwise. Hellboy, the hero created by Mike Mignola, is entitled to a reboot by Neil Marshall (The Descent). David Harbor aka Stranger Things Sheriff takes over the role of Ron Perlman, and confronts Milla Jovovich as a witch. Curiosity and excitement.

Hellboy – Back to Hell!

Back to Hell!
Chris Hemsworth James Bond?

Chris Hemsworth James Bond? He Would Like to Be!

MOVIE NEWS – The Aussie star of…
For Honor is out on February 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Netflix offers a fascinating documentary about For Honor [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Playing Hard offers us…
The producer is the same person who directed the first Deadpool film (Tim Miller), which is why we aren't that surprised to hear that the cinematic adaptation of this blue, shoe-wearing hedgehog will go grim here and there.

Sonic Will Have Some Edgy Moments, Too!

MOVIE NEWS – Jim Carrey (who will…
In fact, it's always a big thing when Disney is on the stage but, right now, the stakes are extra high.

Disney Promising New Planet of the Apes, Alien & Kingsman Movies at CinemaCon

MOVIE NEWS – The Alien franchise isn’t…

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